5 Best Job Board Sites For Recruiters

The job of a recruiter is to hire the best suited and qualified candidates for the vacancy in their company. Being a recruiter you also have to make sure that candidates know about the vacancy in your company and apply for it. A recruiter is like a marketing and sales person for his company. Content strategy is important for the perfect recruitment.

Instead of posting about the job on social media platforms, it is better to post them on some good and popular job board sites. Job boards will let you find the best-suited candidates for your company. Put attractive ads on such job boards to get the maximum attention of candidates. You need to know about the best job boards where you can look for suitable candidates.

This blog compiles the list of best job board so that your time, as well as budget, is saved.

1) Indeed

More than 200 million people visit the Indeed website on a monthly basis. This number makes it the best platform to attract a large number of candidates. It is no doubt one of the best job boards around.


You have to register on the site and create your company profile. Customize your profile and discuss as much as possible about your company and work environment. You can also buy sponsored job ads that get 5 times the clicks than a normal job post. Indeed boasts of a huge database of resumes for you to choose from.

2) Glassdoor

More than 62 million job seekers visit Glassdoor monthly. You get an access to one of the most diverse pools of candidates. Most of the people trust this website and search for jobs here. Thus you will get one of the best candidates from this platform.
You can get the best quality and qualified candidates for your company. Glassdoor tells on its website that the candidates on their website have 2 times better chances of getting a job and 30% more retention than the candidates on other job portals.

job board

Glassdoor has a trial version of where you can post up to 10 jobs with templates. After that, if you wish you can buy their premium version. The paid version will let you customize your company profile along with an insight into your profile analytics, profile traffic, candidate demographics, and competitive intelligence. The premium profile also offers sponsored ads facility that is likely to get 13 times more clicks than that on a normal job posting.

3) Google Job Search

Many job seekers search for a job by typing in the search bar of Google. Not many are aware that Google offers a separate platform for job seekers. You can post your desired company requirements on this board to get the best candidates.

google job search

You will have to integrate your website with this job board. You can also post the job board you use to the search engine. With this step, you will reach the better quality candidates.

4) Handshake

This board is most suited for companies that look for freshers or interns. So if you are looking for entry level job roles in your company, Handshake is best for you. You get access to a huge number of college students and graduates.

According to the statistics on the website, more than 14 million students from more than 700 colleges create their account on the website to get access to the best job openings. More than 300,000 recruiters trust handshake. Each company listed in fortune 500 trusts the job board to recruit the best talent for their company.

handshake job board

The huge database of candidates on the website is there because of every school or college that partners with the site outsource only to Handshake. Thus their job seeker database is the best from quantity as well as quality point of view.

You also get a filter option to refine your search, a direct messaging option to connect with candidates. You can plan your campus recruitment drive, and chats at career fairs.

5) LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn needs no introduction. This job board connects over 500 million professionals and 9 million companies. Every 10 seconds a new candidate is hired on the board. 90% of users want to get more updates on the latest vacancies. 


LinkedIn is nothing less than a social media site for recruiters and job seekers. You can filter your job search and connect with the desired candidate through Inmail. Recruiting through LinkedIn also lets you access the candidate recommendation feed. The candidate management dashboard lets you track the candidate form application phase to final hiring.

You can also distribute your ads through emails. You have to pay only when people click on your job post. Thus you get to pay only when you get results.

There are a lot of job boards over the internet but not each of them gives you quality results. The above-listed job boards have always proved to be the best for recruiters as well as job seekers.

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