The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

Brands who are looking to solidify their position in the industry or establish their brand needs video
marketing – it has been done for over many years now. What has changed is how much weight video
marketing carries now.

Back then, a video is just one piece of a marketing plan, but now – it can be considered as the
centerpiece. It’s the focus of your campaign and outreach efforts, especially towards social strategies.

Videos are taking social platforms by storm. Recent research has shown that 4 out of 10 channels in
which their global audience consumes video content are social channels.

So how and why are videos important for your marketing campaign? Let’s say that if you’re not utilizing
videos, then you’re already falling behind the race. But worry not. What matters most and the best way
to connect to your audience is to have a relatable video. The simpler and raw it is, the better your
audience will relate to it.

And on top of that, producing and shooting a video has never been easier – thanks to the advancement
of video technology on smartphones. With the latest smartphones in the market, you have the ability to
record videos of up to 4k quality and 60fps.

Regardless of how easy it is to film a video for your video marketing campaign – As well as the availability
of video editing software, there’s so much more to learn from video marketing. Hence, the reason why
we came up with this ultimate guide for video marketing.

The first thing we’ll get into is:

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is the tactic of utilizing videos to either promote or market your brand, product, or
services to the general public. The art of video marketing is that it significantly increases engagement
with your customers. It educates them on what your brand is all about and potentially reaches new
audiences with the hopes of converting them into costumers.

Why Focusing on Video Marketing in 2020 is Important

2016 was the year in which marketers used videos as part of a marketing campaign. 2017 saw its
potential and its rise as a prominent marketing tactic. And in 2018, we saw it become one of the leading
marketing tactics that companies all around the globe use. It was not just an effective marketing
strategy; in 2019, it became the main strategy of businesses.

So if we follow that trend, 2020 will have something great in-store when it comes to video marketing.
Every single business in the market will try and product video marketing campaigns that will one-up the
other. Video marketing will have a thought-provoking message and will create awareness for your


Types of Marketing Videos

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1. Demo Videos – As the name suggests, a demo video will showcase how your product works, or
will show a quick tour of your application and how it works.

2. Brand Videos – Brand Videos doesn’t do too well on its own; that’s why most brand videos are
integrated on larger campaigns. Brand videos usually showcase what the company is all about
their mission and products.

3. Event Videos – Event videos are for advertising your event, either before or after. You can do a
highlight reel or do some cool graphics that will present the event’s details to your audience.

4. Expert Interviews – One way of establishing trust with your audience is to release interviews
with experts or leaders in your industry.

5. Educational Videos – This type of video is a great way to interact with your audience. It allows
you to impart some useful knowledge to them about your company or your product.

6. Explainer Videos – This type of video is where you explain why your customers need your
services or product.

7. Animated Videos – Animated videos are great for explaining something that’s usually hard to
explain verbally. Animated videos allow you to add visuals that would help you get your point
across properly.

8. Case Study and Testimonial Videos – People will want to know whether your services or
product is effective or not. Putting out a testimonial video will help ease their minds as well as
build credibility through it.

9. Live videos – Live videos offer a wide array of opportunities for you as a brand to interact with
your customers. It can either be a behind the scenes of your day to day operations or more
personal interaction.

10. Personalized Videos – a personalized video can be a great way to create a relationship with your
customers. You can respond to their concerns or questions with this type of video.

How To Make a Video For Your Business

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1. Planning Your Video
Before you start recording, ask yourself, why are you recording this video? What is its purpose and what
kind of message do you want to relay to your customers.

2. Scripting Your Video
Scripting is a means to add structure to your video. Without a script, you might end up with a longer
video than what you might expect.

3. Shooting For the Edit
Know the skills of the people you work with. Some are experts at shooting and some are experts in post-
processing. This will help you have a better understanding of the process during the shoot.

4. Organize Your Footage
Your future self will thank you when you organize your footage – This makes editing less tedious than it
already this. It’ll help you access whatever footage you need quickly, allowing you to be more efficient
with your time.

5. Choosing Music
Music is what further improves your video. It can dictate the mood of the overall video. Music can make
or break the entire video – so we suggest that working with a professional is necessary on this one.

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