Why Does Your Small Business Need A Marketing Agency

All that a business owner needs is a customer! There is no point in owning a business but not doing anything to get more and more customers. That is where you need marketing agency for your business.

Every business that wishes to get customers should develop an effective marketing plan to grow your business. Many business owners, however, do not understand the importance of marketing and think that customers will find their business on their own.

Nobody will come to you and ask what you offer unless they know what you do and what services or products you offer. The effective marketing strategy will let your target customers know what makes you different from your competitors and why should they choose you. Most people confuse marketing with hiring a sales team. Marketing mainly focuses on generating maximum leads that can be changed to sales.

modern marketing strategy

What is a modern marketing strategy made of?

Companies have refined their way of communication with their clients more effectively with the advent of the internet, social media accounts and guidelines provided by Google.

There were times one business owners used to advertise their business through yellow pages or print ads. Today customers want to access everything with the ease of their mobile phones. They want real-time information on every service or product they want to use.

The basic elements in a modern marketing strategy include-

    • Parallel going development and production
    • Content writing specialists
    • E-newsletters
    • Graphics developers
    • Software for marketing
    • Data analysts
    • Specialists in mobile marketing
    • Pay per click
    • Press Releases
    • Search engine optimization
    • Social media management
    • Website development and designing

This list is not something that needs to be strictly followed. Because every day there is a new technology update and thus the elements keep on changing. With technologies changing so quickly, being in the race for the small businesses becomes a challenge.

Can I do marketing on my own?

Small small business owners believe that they can plan their marketing agency with some help from the internet along with their own ideas. They believe that they are self-sufficient to handle the marketing process with the need for hiring a marketing agency. marketing agency

The modern marketing tactics include a little bit of everything such as writing, graphic design, computer programming and more. If an entrepreneur tries to get the marketing done, because of little experience he might end up leaving behind important elements like blogging and social media marketing.

If the owner tries to learn all this, he might not get time to focus on his business nor in things that he specializes in. Even if you are low on budget, doing marketing without any experience is not a good option.

Marketing agency or marketing employee?

Companies that do not want to waste their time and efforts in taking up the marketing tactics on their shoulders either hire a marketing agency or a marketing staff. Many people feel that hiring an employee is cost effective and helps in resolving any immediate issues.

There are different parameters on which you can decide that an employee will be better or a marketing agency.

The cost to hire a marketing agency vs a marketing employee

Most of the business owners are not aware of the best parameters to compare and go with the basic factors to take the decision. Many times the basic salary of an employee vs the hourly quote of a marketing agency is taken into consideration. And when the hourly charges come out to be more, business owners go for internal staffing.

When you hire an employee there are many additional costs as well such as federal, state and/or local taxes as well as health insurance contributions, retirement plan matches, vacation, sick days, etc. After all these additions, the actual hiring cost for any new employee turns out to be 1.25 to 1.4 times of the base salary.

Hiring a marketing agency vs Hiring a marketing employee

The infographic below includes the basic elements of a modern marketing agency and the comparison of hiring cost.

If you plan to go for internal staffing, you might have to hire more than 1 staff. This is because 1 single person can not have all the needed skills in marketing. A team of at least 3 to 4 members is essential. And if you still plan to hire only 1 staff, you will anyhow have to outsource your work for better results and better experience.

So, you yourself can see that hiring a marketing agency is a better option anyhow.

Benefits of hiring a marketing agency

You enjoy the given benefits when you plan to hire a marketing agency- 

  • Expert views from your niche
  • Experienced execution of marketing plansbenefits of hiring a marketing agency
  • Save money by hiring as per your needs
  • No need to spend time on training employees
  • Quick execution of marketing plans
  • No extra overheads
  • No tension to pay taxes as it is already deducted
  • Efficient for short-term projects

This modern set up for marketing will let the business owners focus on ongoing operations and revenues instead of getting confused with new procedures.

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