The Ultimate Marketing Guide For Startups

Being the owner of a startup business, you must have already invested quite a huge amount of money. Now if you have to think twice before investing into a marketing strategy, it is of no big surprise. You can adopt some smart business promotion strategy with Top Class Agency that will suit businesses with every budget. If you are not sure which strategy to follow, we will help you out in this article with it.

Step 1: Market and industry analysis

Importance of market analysis should not be ignored. It is done to gather the basic details to start your business in the desired niche. Market analysis framework involves choosing the right niche, the latest trends in your niche, and more. Look out for what are the latest demands of users in the market and if you can fulfill them or not.

Industry analysis is a broader term for market analysis. It will involve:

  • Competitor research
  • Your market participants
  • Products, strengths, and weakness of your competitor
  • What they offer to customers and at what price

Competitor Research

Top Class Agency has expertise in providing the best market research. Our market research strategy will give you the accurate information about your market and industry. We will analyze your target audience and their demands.

Step 2: Brand positioning and development

A smart brand positioning strategy will involve defining the main products or services you will provide to users. This should be accurate. Always keep in mind your target audience and what unique services will you provide them. The only your brand positioning process will give desired results. How you want your target audience to perceive your brand, is in your hand. Portray yourself in the best way possible.

brand positioningBrand development strategy may involve unique custom logos, slogans, taglines, brand name and more. Basically, it is anything that identifies with your brand. Be as much creative as you can be. Choose a unique  URL for your website that users can easily recall. Making business into a brand involves a lot of smart moves and brand development process.

Our brand positioning and marketing strategy involve custom logo design, creating a tagline, and more. Top Class Agency is one of the finest branding agency in Miami.

Step 3: Set up sales strategy

The main motive of any business is to sell. It can be selling products or services. The growth of your business lies largely on the sales of your business. More sales mean more success. Your plan for sales strategy may involve:

  • Pricing

Depending on your market, decide what you will charge for your services and products. Do not overcharge but also do not charge too low that your bear any loss. See what are the price offered by your competitors in the market and decide accordingly. 


  • Sales Representatives

To execute your sales strategy plan, you will need sales representatives. Moreover, these can be used for internal sales strategy or field sales strategy. Internal sales strategy is more budget friendly for startups

  • Decide your goals

Decide the goals for your business. You should decide on the maximum number of contracts per month, number of new clients monthly and more. Do not try to overdo your budget. Set up goals that you think you will be able to achieve efficiently.

If you do not have the exact idea of how to set up your sales strategy, you can contact Top Class Agency. We will sit down with you and discuss your needs. Then only we will prepare the best sales strategy for you.

Step 4: How to engage with target clients

There are many modes to engage with your target audiences like social media platforms, live chat applications, personal interaction and many more. It is your work to decide which one will suit you the best or cover the maximum target audience. This is the best way to engage in a conversation with your potential clients and know their needs.

how to engage your audience

Do not forget to keep the tone of your voice polite and calm. Treat them as human and not just mere potential clients. It is a good way to create your brand identity as well. You can put up questions like:

  • What websites do they visit for their needs?
  • What types of content do they find interesting?
  • Which competitors are more likely to convert them, and why?
  • Do they use more LinkedIn or Facebook? Do they use Twitter?

Step 5: Choosing the best options for startup marketing strategy

There are various marketing options to choose from, such as:

  • Digital marketing

Having a business is not enough. You also have to focus towards enhancing your web presence. The web is the best medium of marketing today. So you should not ignore the importance of digital marketing. Promotion on a digital platform is important to reach the maximum number of target audience. Trained SEO professionals know the best ways to increase your site visibility over the internet. Google will easily index and crawl your site with proper SEO.

SEO includes off-page and on-page optimization, link building, blog submissions, directory listing etc. PPC services develop interactive ads that are always displayed on the top and bottom of SERPs. Contact Top Class Agency for Miami digital marketing services that will fit every budget.

  • Print services

You can enhance your business identity by custom print services. Take part in trade shows from your industry. Trade Shows are a great way to know new people from your market and interact with them. Know who your competitors are and what services do they provide that drives customer traffic to them. You can make a unique mark in trade show events with custom banners printing, tabletop displays, custom table covers. Large format printing, brochures and pamphlets, feather flags and much more. Graphic wraps are a great way to advertise your brand on the go. Custom t-shirts will increase your brand reach and your target audience will easily remember you. Custom print products can also be used in your office and just any outdoor events.

Be it logo printing, customized uniforms or set up trade show banners, Top Class agency will do it all for you at a reasonable price. Our in-house team will fulfill all the services and no third party is employed for it. Trust us and the end products will always be according to your requirements and up to your expectations.

marketing strategy

  • Web development services

A website is on the top of priority for every business entity today. You can easily increase your business growth and customer base with a website. You will easily be able to handle all your information, clients, orders, inventory etc with the help of your website. It is nothing less than an online brochure for your business. Your users will easily be able to go through your products and services and also order it instantly if they feel so. You can present all the details about you, your company and products/services easily to the target audience. Contact Top Class to get the web design services. We have an in-house team of professionals that know very well how to help you boost up your business with responsive web design services.

  • Online communities

Interact with your target audience more easily through online forums and communities from your niche. Online forums are a great way to know what your target audience expects from you or your market. See if you are capable to fulfill their requirements. Get feedback from your customers and work towards providing them with better services.

You can post links to your website on forums. Give answers to the questions regarding your industry put up by users. Do not overdo promotion or do not spam. Use forums in a wise manner.

  • Remarkable influencers in your niche

Identify the influencers in your niche and utilize them efficiently to market for your brand. Influencers are basically public speakers who deliver a speech at various events. Many of them charge to interact with their audience for you, but it is worth it.

For example, if you have a startup that deals in sports goods, you can hire a sports personality that can talk for you.

  • Co-Sponsor events with people from your niche


Every industry hosts events from time to time that sees a huge number of audience. Many people completely take the responsibility for it- from management to budget. While some events take place with the help of sponsorship.

You can also be a part of sponsor team of such events and provide funds. This is an excellent way for niche marketing. If you are planning to take part in any event, see if there is any need for more sponsors. Such events are a great place to find and interact with your target audience.  

Top Class Agency can take care of all your marketing strategy. We are situated in Miami but we can provide our services all around the country. We can also offer “A La Carte” services if you want only some specific services. Contact us at for any queries.

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